iGEM 2021 Info-meeting

Are you interested in iGEM? do you want to develop your own project, work on it and finally present it? We will have an info-event on


at 6 p.m. via Zoom

where you can get informed.


Collaboration with the iGEM Team Hannover

In our colloboration with iGem Hannover we hosted a workshop on how to build the Wiki. It was nice to share some of our own skills and experiences, as well as the knowledge passed down to us through multiple generations of iGEM Bielefeld teams. Thanks for the strong participation and we are looking forward to further collaboration.

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First time in the lab!

Finally, we can start working in the lab implementing our project. Besides our normal equipment with lab coat and safety glasses, we are required to wear a face mask due to corona. But this will not stop us of having a good time in the lab.


Postersession award German Meet-up

We got our hands on the the first prices we won. The prices from the Postersession award German Meet-up have arrived. We want to thank the organizers of this enriching event.

Prmien verschicken  

Thanks to all supporters!

As you know our crowdfunding was successful. Without you a lot wouldn’t have been possible and we are happy to announce: all bonuses have been sent ou


Health and safety briefing

Recently we had our health and safety briefing where we learned a lot about Dos and Don’ts in the lab, the safety regulations, and the right behavior in an emergency. After knowing that, the plans on the first experiments are substantiated and we are making ourselves familiar with different techniques like cloning.




We want your opinion!

We want to know your opinion on contraception. Referring to this we created a survey which just takes 10 minutes of your time. We would be very thankful for your participation. You would help us to construct our product user-friendly.

 Crowdfunding beendet  

We made it due to your support!

After 25 days of crowdfunding we achieved our aim: 2250 ?. We would like to say thank you to everybody who supported us. We will send out all awards the next days.

HTML Workshop  


We just had our HTML training where we learned a lot. Now we are well prepared for our stunning wiki.

Postersession Preise  

Third place at the poster session (German Meetup)

The German Meetup took place on the 4th and 5th of July, it was organized by the Marburg / Gießen Team as the last years. We were able to gain a lot of experience due to a video and poster contest. And we are proud to announce: We made the third place at the poster session.


Crowdfunding starts today.

Special situations need special procedures. Finally, we want to realize our project but we need every support. Therefore, our crowdfunding-campaign is starting today. More information to our project and the campaign can be found on https://www.bielefeld-crowd.de/igem2020.
Thank you for your help.


We would like to thank bts Bielefeld for the nomination for #vdsichallenge.

We are also happy to have one more day this year to do good and, above all, to bring joy to others.
We used this extra day to contact the iGEM Team of Düsseldorf.
Since we were invited by iGEM Thrace to take part in a human practice seminar in May and still had places available, we wanted to take two members of iGEM Düsseldorf with us on our trip to Greece. The reaction of the team from Düsseldorf was very positive and we look forward to the adventure together with you!

Of course we want to motivate everyone to make other people happy. But you have to start somewhere, which is why we want to nominate @ igem.munich, @igem_teamhannover and @igem_humboldt_berlin.

IMG-20200215-WA0008.jpg   Our weekend in Eldagsen (Springe) was a blast! We worked on finding and researching a topic for our project. Even thought we didn't find a project, we got some ideas with a lot of potential to work with for the next weeks. But most important it brought us closer together as a team and prepared us for the next months!
  1536 1024   The iGEM Team 2020 is found. At the moment we are starting with the research to find an exciting topic for this years project and that we can start in the lab soon.
 iGEM2020 aktuell  

iGEM 2020 Info-meeting

Are you interested in iGEM? do you want to develop your own project, work on it and finally present it in Boston? We will have info-events on



23.10.2019 or


at 16:00 c. t. in G2-104

where you can get informed.