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Synthetic biology is a new development in the field of biology and promises solutions to some of the most challenging problems of our time. In 2021, 14 students from Bielefeld University from different fields of study participated in the “internatonal Genetically Engineered Machine competition” (iGEM). iGEM is a nonprofit competition for students from all around the world. It is the most famous competition in the field of synthetic biology and unique in its form. Every year around 360 teams from all around the world participate in the iGEM competition with their own projects and present their results in Paris in front of an international jury. Projects range from solutions for the climate change to biological solutions for IT problems to arts projects, but shall help to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations
With a top 10 placement, a gold medal, and nominations for 'Best New Application' as well as "Best New Basic Part', 2021 was another successful year for the team from Bielefeld.

Information about the iGEM teams and projects of previous years are available here.