13.8.2021 Successful agroinfiltration of our reporter

We did it! The agroinfiltration with our 35S:RUBY was successfully carried out in tobacco.



03.8.2021 Improved hydroponics

Balloons should not be used for long periods. After the balloons ruptured after a few days, we are now using aluminium foil for the second attempt. Here, of course, we have to work carefully to avoid aluminium salts that the plant could absorb via injured roots.


28.07.2021 Crafting, crafting, crafting until it's a stack: Hydroponics first try with second agar floor

Our chemicals are expensive, however we have a method to use less. We build a second floor with agarose (the cheap one). In order not to lose any water besides transpiration, balloons are attached to the opening. The plant then has to be guided through a pierced hole with a lot of sensitivity. Besides, the roots must be sprinkled from sand with a brush beforehand.



28.07.2021 First set up of our plants.

Lamp fixed, plants picked up and positioned under the fume (toxic chemicals are added after all), only the timer is missing. We have made the first preparations for our hydroponics, the next thing to do is to prepare the cups.... After all, flower pots are not sealed.


08.03.2021 Topic confirmed!


Finally we have found a topic! Since last week's meeting, small teams have again been researching the four remaining ideas. This has mainly involved talking to experts, but also plenty discussion. As a result, today each team presented a concrete plan for the idea they had developed. These plans also included detailed lists of pros and cons. After the presentations, we all discussed the ideas together again and thought about how realistic and feasible they were. After three and a half hours on Zoom, we were able to agree on a topic. Soon we will publish what we are working on!


01. - 02.03.2021 Bootcamp for topic

development In order to decide on a topic, we met (online) for two days (no sleep :) and discussed the numerous topic ideas. In the end, we were able to narrow down the selection to four propositions. However, we found that we did not yet know enough about the ideas to come to a conclusion.

26.01.2021 Team Photo

During pandemic it is difficult to take a group picture of 15 people at once. So, Alex made us a slightly different photo :D
(sadly, not with big heads as some of our team members (Jacob) specifically requested)

14.12.2020 It has begun

We met as a new iGEM team for the first time virtually via Zoom. After a round of introductions, we mainly discussed organisational matters, including the fact that Slack should be used for communication within the team. Starting in the new year, we will meet weekly on Zoom to first find a topic.